David LaChapelle: Lost and Found

32 amazing  LaChapelles portrait artworks in Bratislava!

14. 9. 2011 - 30. 10. 2011
How to find it:
Pálffy Palace
Pánska 19

The curator of Bratislava exhibition, Marián Pauer, made apposite remarks regarding outstanding photographer: „ David LaChapelle is irreplaceable artist on the contemporary photographic scene. His shots have immutable writing; they express unrepeatable seeing, limitless fantasy and imaginativeness of the author, who, from the first contact, takes the spectator for an adventurous ride between heaven and hell. “

Who is David LaChapelle?

48-year-old David LaChapelle belongs to group of living world elite artists. In the 80s, his portrait artwork was marked by his conviction of being HIV positive, and that´s why all of the pieces of this decade are black and white. When his HIV tests turned out negative, he decided to visually compensate for the previous period and from that time on, LaChapelle´ s signature have been surrealistic set pieces and rich saturated photography. Their main characters have been world known celebrities willing to accept his game. LaChapelle gradually enriched the portrait snapshots, published in The Interview (founded by Andy Warhol), by costly fashion and commercial campaigns for clients such as Armani Jeans, Maybach, Burger King, Nokia and many more. Simultaneously with photographic work, David had focused on pop stars ´music videos direction. The turn of millennia has brought him back to art.

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